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Thank you so much Laura! You were so easy to work with, your plan was so user friendly and truly felt personalised to us! Your ongoing support from when we started was invaluable and we have learnt so much. Cobie has gone from sleeping on me for every nap to now sleeping in her cot, waking for 1 feed at night now instead of 2-6! My daily life has changed in such a positive way and I can confidently say that both Cobie and I are happier because of it! 

— Ashleigh —

Mum to 8 month old

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Laura has been super helpful and picked up on things that we were missing, which has made getting ready for bed better, and also more predictability about how each sleep is going to go. She provided us with options of how we could go about DOING things, so that we could choose a routine that worked for us. Thanks so much! 

— Emma —

Mum to 7 month old

Client Case Study: 17 month old twins

Fraternal twins Eve* and George* were great fun at 17 months old and Mum Tracy* and Dad David* were loving the toddler stage with all the adventure that these two got up too.

Unfortunately though, after almost a year and a half these two had still never slept through the night and Tracy and David were completely exhausted.

When they reached out to me for help, both toddlers were waking at least once, if not 2 or 3 times a night, and this was taking its toll on the family’s well-being.

Tracy and David were ready for change.

I assessed their situation and saw that Mum and Dad were doing really well implementing a range of sleep associations and positive habits, including using sleepsacks, keeping the twins in cots, using dummies to help settling, offering a great variety of food, and limiting their naps to one a day.

There were also areas I could see that could be adjusted to help Eve and George reduce those overnight wake ups. I made recommendations to change the timing of their lunch meal and nap to promote night consolidation, as what they were currently doing was creating too long of an awake window at the end of the day and was pushing the twins beyond what their bodies could comfortably handle.

Longer awake times than is appropriate for a child’s age increases their cortisol and adrenaline beyond normal levels, making it difficult for them to reach and maintain deep sleep (hello, overtired night wakes!).

Eve and George could settle to sleep on their own, but they were doing this with a bottle of milk at their nap, bedtime, and any overnight wakes.

The bottles had become a strong sleep association that was now limiting the twins’ interest in solid food and encouraging more night wakes as they looked for their bottle each time they stirred through the night.  Mum and Dad agreed it was time to shift away from bottles at sleep time to help everyone in the house sleep well again.

Providing Tracy and David with detailed explanations on how to actually make these changes was vital to helping them feel empowered and not overwhelmed by this big change in their routine.

We started with a gentle approach over the space of a week to slowly wind back the bottle-at-sleep-time association that the twins had. Doing this made sure they were never going hungry while they transitioned to more calories from solid foods in the daytime.

Milk was switched to a sippy cup and our goal was to work towards offering milk just once a day, before bedtime but not in their cots to separate it from sleep.

After just one week of Mum and Dad supporting George and Eve through these changes, both twins were consistently sleeping 12 uninterrupted hours at night for the first time in 18 months, and both taking a 2 hour nap at the same time in the afternoon.

A year and a half after the birth of their twins, Tracy and David were finally feeling well-rested.

Sleeping Baby

We cannot believe our previously up 3-5 times per night baby is now up 1-2 times per night! We loved how easy it was to work with Laura and would recommend her to anyone! 

— Amy —

Mum to 4 month old 

Baby Crawling

Laura was absolutely instrumental in changing the wacky sleep behaviors our family found ourselves in with baby number 2. After an angelic sleeper the first child round, we were unprepared for the curve ball coming our way when our next baby wouldn't sleep more than a 2 hour period any time in the first 5 months of his life. That all changed within days thanks to Laura's advice and support. I feel like a new person with more sleep! Thank you again, Laura!

— Nina —

Mum to 5 month old

Peacey Sleep client case studies
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