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The right support – whatever your needs

I offer online and in-home sleep packages covering a wide range of needs from newborn to 4 years old.

Why packages? Because I believe in offering sleep solutions with no hidden costs – and assurance on what you’re getting.

But that doesn’t mean your help is one-size-fits all. Your support will be uniquely tailored to your needs and situation.

From cat naps to early rising, bedtime struggles to overnight wakes, and more! I'm here for you!

Choose your preferred way of working with me below: virtual or in your home.


Virtual Support

Enquiry Call image 1.png

Express Consult

Sleep isn't the worst but you need to pick my brain? This consult is helpful for parents struggling with minor sleep issues and just needing a bit of direction.

This package includes:

  • A 30 minute phone call

  • Brief summary emailed

  • No follow up support provided

Please do not book this Express Consult if sleep in your home is very difficult with multiple issues lasting for months on end.

This is not the consult to solve strong habits like feeding to sleep, multiple night wakes, or cosleeping. Please book my Phone Consult or a home visit for support changing these.


Email only Consult

Needing some personalised guidance for your sleep situation but happy to make the changes on your own?

Want a list of things to do to make positive change, yet feel you can handle the troubleshooting and sleep training difficulties without my full follow-up support?

This package is for you. 

This package includes:

  • A personalised written sleep assessment, based off the information you provide.

  • supporting information, and

  • one follow-up support email to be used within 7 days.

Additional support can be added on for $80 a week. 


Phone Consult

Looking for support and advice? Ready for change, and need guidance as you go to help you stick with it?

Through this consult I help by offering tools, techniques, advice and a personalised step-by-step plan to overcome your sleep challenges anywhere in NZ or beyond.


This package includes:

  • A 40-60min phone call to assess your needs and come up with a plan together,

  • a personalised written sleep assessment emailed within 24 hours of phone consult,

  • supporting information, and

  • two weeks of follow-up support, including online sleep logs and one 20min phone call.

Are you ready to change your sleep situation, and feel totally supported as you do it?

We can do this together.

Best Value


In-home Support


Newborn Visit


Designed with the unpredictable sleeping patterns of newborns in mind – this package lets you arrange your consult time by text on the day. This is the ideal package if you’re wanting to set up healthy sleep habits from early on.

Suitable from 3 weeks old to 12 weeks old. 

This package includes:

  • An age appropriate and personalised written sleep assessment,

  • my 15 page Peacey Sleep Newborn Guide,

  • one hour home visit, and

  • one 20min follow-up phone call during the week after my visit.

Ideal as a baby shower gift  —  vouchers available!

Note: two week support is not available with this package. View other packages if interested in ongoing support.

This newborn consult is available in the Palmerston North area, NZ.

In-home Consults

Nap settling a struggle? Catnaps or contact-naps overwhelming you? Wanting to implement better sleep habits in the daytime to positively impact your nights? Want difficult bedtimes, lengthy crying episodes, upset babies, frightened toddlers, or middle of the night visits to become a thing of the past?

But don't know how!

You need me to walk you through exactly how to begin, in person. This custom package is for you.

We choose a time and I come to you to assess your child’s sleep environment, offer demonstrations,  recommend and help implement changes.

This package includes:

  • A personalised written sleep assessment,

  • home visit over your child's ideal nap time or bedtime,

  • supporting information, and

  • two weeks of follow-up support, including online sleep logs and one 20min phone call.

Note: only available in the Palmerston North area, NZ


Not quite what you're looking for?

Check out my community for affordable sleep support through the early years! 

I help you go from overwhelmed to confident and unruffled by the ever-changing sleep needs of your baby so you can thrive in your motherhood. 

After you book a consult

with Peacey Sleep

I will email my intake form for you to fill in. This allows me to have direct insight into your daily rhythms and sleep habits, and helps me to understand your goals and desires around your family's sleep situation. 


After your phone consult or before your in-home consult, I will give you a detailed and personalised written sleep assessment.

This will include:

  • My advice on what adjustments will make the biggest difference to each unique sleep situation you're facing, including recommended changes to your daily routine.

  • Step-by-step plan for change, specific to your family's needs and sleep goals.

  • Advice on milk feeds and diet to promote healthy sleep.

  • A sleep guide for right now and the coming months so you aren’t left wondering what you’re supposed to do next.

From there I will support you as you make changes and guide you through the process of improving your little one's sleep for the benefit of the whole family. 


Are results guaranteed?

The techniques and tools I give you are grounded in research surrounding sleep science and all of my solutions are evidence-based. The techniques work!

The success of our time together largely rests on your shoulders. If you are ready for change, focused, and committed to following the strategies we discuss, you will see improvements.

As achieving your goals is reliant on your approach and consistency, I can’t give a guarantee that you will succeed with your plan, but you can choose to commit to the process. I promise to work closely with you during the assessment/goal writing phase and during the follow-up support period, making adjustments when needed to find a plan that sits well with your unique parenting style.


I'm here for you!

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