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Get the right sleep advice at just the right time

Be guided by a child sleep expert and be supported to make many small steps towards lasting change

Avoid waiting until sleep in your home gets so bad you're desperate for help. Make the choice today to learn how to sleep well.

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Sleep deprivation is awful

Parenting on little sleep is hard on you and hard for your little one.

Your patience wears thin, you struggle to love your wee family the way you want to, you feel totally worn out and unable to think clearly. Research shows that your immune system and mental health suffer.

Thankfully, this fog of sleep deprived motherhood can lift with the right support.

Knowing what to do and when to do it gives predictability to your days, it takes away the stress, overwhelm, and guesswork to your motherhood and helps you thrive.


The Peacey Sleep Club allows you to make changes at your own pace, while providing you with reliable answers to your sleep questions (stop Googling only to find 10 answers that contradict and leave you feeling defeated).

Knowing when to make small changes as your baby grows keeps you feeling confident and calm.

This is where my community comes in.

The Peacey Sleep Club gives clarity and helps proud mamas enjoy their days.

I'm enjoying the snippets of info being drip fed! 

I'm not the type of person to investigate multiple books and sites etc for hours on end but like the sleep tid bits to learn new stuff as we go through this 3rd time around 


Laura is fantastic! I was a part of the Peacey Sleep Club and found it was a really great platform to get consistent support and information on improving my sons sleep. I feel even if you weren't struggling with your little ones sleep, the PSC is still fantastic because any questions that pop up over time Laura will answer them via her live Q&As and she also covers a whole range of other topics that I would imagine to be extremely helpful under all different circumstances!


Thanks for the masterclass, I found it really helpful and gave me a lot more confidence to go ahead and drop my toddlers morning nap. Looking forward to seeing what's next!



Hi there, I'm Laura

I am an infant and child sleep consultant who has worked intimately with dozens of families, successfully improving the sleep of their babies and young children.

After having three children of my own, knowing the pain of sleep deprivation all too well, and experiencing first-hand the power of having a sleep consultant review my situation and create positive change in just one to two weeks I knew I wanted to help other Mamas begin to sleep well again too.

As much as I love to support these exhausted mums and bring healthy sleep habits back into their homes, it still grieves me that they are finding themselves in this sleep deprived position to start with!

This got me thinking! I wondered how I could give expert guidance to these new mums through the whole journey of sleep and not just when it gets really bad.

And so...

Peacey Sleep Club was born.

If you are a mum of a newborn to 4 year old...
If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed searching google for answers...
If you'd like to move away from feeling exhausted and unsupported...
And you want to feel energised and guided


Peacey Sleep Club can help!

As mothers of the next generation, I truly believe you and I have a huge opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world.
But it all starts at home with how we feel on a day-to-day basis. If we're too exhausted to function long term this makes it hard to turn up fully present each day for our family.
This is why I'm so passionate about getting good sleep.
This is the reason why I created the Peacey Sleep Club.

The Peacey Sleep Club is all about your family's unique journey of sleep.
Which of these stages speaks loudest to you?

Unsure in your parenting

You are having a hard time understanding your baby's sleep needs or how to meet them. You are lacking the tools to help your baby sleep well. You feel overwhelmed searching for answers and are hesitant to seek the support you need. You desperately need more sleep.

You are unsure!


You are hopeful and ready to learn new ways to support your baby. Your expectations of your baby are age-appropriate. You love the idea of improving sleep for your family and are beginning to surround yourself with support and foundational knowledge.

You are exploring your options!


Exploring your parenting

You are ready for change. You realise you and your baby are unique. You grasp the different settling techniques available to you to improve sleep. You love the idea of supporting your baby in a certain way.

You have clarity!


Clarity in your parenting

You're doing it! You are making changes and sticking with them consistently to see results. You desire to see a positive change in your family's sleep situation and are leaning into your support people to stay accountable.

You are growing!


Growing in your parenting

You understand what your baby needs and can provide it. You have a range of tools to support sleep. You feel confident and have great composure through normal blips in sleep. Your mental health is improving and you are seeing progress and celebrating wins.

You are thriving!


Thriving in your parenting


So where do you see yourself on your journey through the Peacey Sleep Club?

You will likely see one stage that stands outs to you more.
But it's ok to be across more than one too.
Over time I will walk you through each of these stages in the Peacey Sleep Club to a thriving motherhood. 
And when sleep regressions or a bout of illness or some family travel crops up you may jump back a stage or two...
Or perhaps start all over again, and that is OK! 
This motherhood gig is not a linear progression to completion, but a journey with natural ebbs and flows that we can walk together on. 

When you become a Member of the
Peacey Sleep Club you get access to...

Peacey Sleep Club Community

My facebook community.

Start connecting with other mums on the same journey as you. Help build a culture of support and encouragement in a safe group.


Access to all past resources and have a front row seat to all future sleep resources.

Backstage Pass

You get to be a part of the Peacey Sleep Club as it's continually built up. You will have input into what is created, modes of delivery, and can offer feedback to improve the journey. 

Lifetime pricing

As the membership grows I plan to increase the pricing. So enjoy this locked in current price for as long as you remain in the club (and your account remains in good standing).

Here's your glimpse into the Peacey Sleep Club

These are not set in stone. I will be listening carefully to what YOU need and I will be shaping content and it's delivery around what's best for the club.

Regular updates on your child's stage

I have crafted just the information you need to support your baby through all the milestones of those early months and set it to deliver straight to your inbox just when you need it most. Get ready for empowering knowledge and practical action steps specific to the age of your baby.

Segments available: 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m, 12-18m, and lastly 18 month - 4 years old (covering all the common toddler problems you may experience!)


You have access to a sleep coach and guest experts. You'll be able to submit your questions and they'll be answered live in our Q&A. Replays will be available.

Tutorials and Guides

Want to know how to create the perfect sleep environment, what settling techniques suit your baby's temperament, see a video demonstration, or basically anything I offer in my 1:1 consults? You'll have access to all of these over the coming months.

Love routine? Prefer to go-with-the-flow? Attachment Parent? Secure attachment?  Responsive settling? Hands-off settling? There will be useful ideas delivered on how to improve sleep with any parenting style. 

As a valued member you will also have regular opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions. The Peacey Sleep Club is here for you. 

Sound amazing? 

You bet it is! In full transparency, I have the intention of the Peacey Sleep Club becoming at least a $27 per month sleep support subscription, so now is a no-brainer opportunity to scoop up your place as a member and save!

Lifetime Locked in Pricing

We are welcoming new members with newborns all the way up to 4 year olds into the Peacey Sleep Club now.

When you join you will experience epic sleep support and enjoy this locked in price for as long as you wish to remain a member and your account remains in good standing. 

  • Monthly

    Every month
    • Monthly access to the Peacey Sleep Club
  • Best Value


    Every year
    (2 months free)
    • Year-long access to the Peacey Sleep Club.

Taking new members now. Choose your subscription.

No locked in contract.

If the Peacey Sleep Club is no longer the right fit for any reason, just cancel anytime before your next payment. 

Once cancelled you will be removed immediately from the PSC emails and Facebook group for ease of admin.

As a member, I will be here to support you all the way to your family's sleep goals. Peacey Sleep Club is a membership that will help you become confident and unruffled by the ever-changing sleep needs of your baby so that you can thrive in your parenting. I look forward to being your sleep expert along the way.

Click the button below to join my community.   xx Laura

Got questions? Email me at

This IS for you if:

  • You want easy, affordable and reliable sleep advice.

  • You need an experienced mentor to guide you through the ever-changing sleep needs of your baby.

  • You are tired of scrolling Instagram hoping to stumble across sleep advice that works for you.

  • You're overwhelmed and wish there was an easier way to support your baby’s sleep needs.

  • You're looking for a sisterhood of like-minded mums.

  • You value science-backed evidence but are worn out and lack the time or energy required to research sleep resources.

This IS NOT for you if:

  • You'll miss the challenge of Googling at 5:00 AM

  • You expect one to one private coaching (that's what my consults are for).

  • You think this will be your magic wand to fix your sleep woes; change requires your effort!

  • You want every piece of information right now. This isn't a course with everything delivered upfront; it is an ongoing membership with resources dripped out to you over time to avoid overwhelm. If you wish to have everything at once, my sleep packages will help.

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