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Peacey Sleep: The home of happy bedtimes

I’m here to help you say goodbye to stressful bedtimes and exhausted waking hours. And hello to peaceful evenings and happier, more energised days.

As your sleep consultant, consider me part coach, part cheer leader. I’m here to offer expert guidance, provide demonstrations and give caring counsel.

How does sleep coaching work?

As a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, my approach is grounded in the latest developments and research surrounding sleep science and all of my solutions are evidence-based.

Every baby, toddler and child is unique when it comes to their sleeping patterns. That’s why my process involves assessing your unique family situation, your child’s sleep environment and recommending changes to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

I’m here to give you tools and tips that are practical and realistic for you to use. That’s why all my advice is developed in consultation with you – to find the most suitable solutions to fit your lifestyle.

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Sleep challenges I help with

Early morning wakes

Struggling with early morning wakes? I can help you and your little one get some extra morning shut-eye.

Short & restless napping

Napping is important recharge time for bub and mum. Together, we can say goodbye to short and restless napping.

Fussy evening behaviour

Want bub to sleep through the night? Or prevent that fussy evening behaviour? Let’s make late or difficult bedtimes a thing of the past.

Sleep regressions

Feel like your little one's sleep progress has been one step forward and one step backwards? Sleep regression is real – and I can help coach you through it.

Sleep arrangement transitions

Struggling with a transition from

co-sleeping or family bed arrangement to cot sleeping? I have the tools and techniques to help.

Teaching baby to


Got a sleep time ritual you’re wanting to  change? I can help you change from feeding-to-sleep and movement-to-sleep associations to encourage longer, more restorative sleep for all.

Frequent overnight wakes

Ready to drop one or more night feeds? Having a hard time functioning in the day due to long months of sleep deprivation? You and your baby deserve to sleep long and well, and I can help you get there. 

Helping children

stay in bed

From young babies whose eyes pop open the moment you lay them in their bassinet to toddlers who get out of bed hundreds of times, I can help restless sleepers stay put.

Ready to get a better night’s sleep – for everyone?

About - sleep challenges

Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and mum to

Jacob (8), Josiah (6) and Clare (3).

My journey as a sleep coach began from the other side: as a tired, overwhelmed mother who couldn’t get her first baby to sleep well – no matter how hard she tried.

I felt bombarded by advice from well-meaning relatives and friends. And I tried virtually every tip, technique or tool available. The situation came to a head when I was looking to return to the workforce. I couldn’t imagine working while feeling so exhausted and sleep-deprived.

Finally, I made the decision to reach out to a sleep consultant. It was the best money I’ve ever spent.

Our 10 month old boy, who was waking every two hours overnight and needed exhausting pram walks in the day to get only 30 minutes sleep each nap time, was suddenly sleeping 12 hours overnight and napping for a solid two hours each day!

With predictable days and a new found confidence I could now thrive in my parenting.

The experience was so life changing for me that I wanted to help other mothers. So I began my certification – and I’ve never looked back.

About - Meet Laura

When I'm not sleep consulting...

I’m the mum of a very active family!

We love tramping, camping, skiing, and generally getting out and about in nature.

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