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Nap Routines (under 9 months old)

Nap Routines (under 9 months old)

Download these routines for all the stages under 9 months old. 


Learn when to drop a nap,

how to structure your day feeds to ensure your bub isn't hungry and encourage longer night sleep,

and how much sleep to offer through the day to protect your nights. 


Awake windows (aka gaps between naps) are listed at the bottom of each stage to help you build your own day if something goes awry or you have an appointment that cuts into nap time. 


These routines are built around a 7am wake up. If you prefer a different time, just shuffle all the times along to get the style of day that suits you best. 

Never feel alone in parenting! Download these routine guidelines today and give you and your baby some predictability with sleep. 




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