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My top 5 gifts to give to a new Mum: #supportlocal edition

When it comes to finding the right gift for that soon-to-be Mum in your life it can be hard to think of something that will bring value to her already full and well-planned baby room. Most pregnant Mums give a lot of thought to what they want their new baby to use. Even the most easy-going Mum with a simple theme will have her preferences. From the colour scheme, to the design of the bassinet or feeding chair, these hapu mama’s enjoy getting ready for the arrival of their little one.

As friends, siblings, neighbours, parents or colleagues of a soon-to-be Mum we can support them in so many ways. Offer to help them prepare for their new arrival with cleaning tasks, or painting that second hand set of drawers, or making an easy to heat meal to store in the freezer. Even getting a group together for a working bee aka ‘nesting party’ can be a fun idea.

Along with these practical tasks, you may be wanting some ideas for a really thoughtful, NZ-made present for her baby shower or to take with you when you visit Mum + baby for the first time. I’ve compiled a list of some items from local businesses here in Southland, New Zealand, that new Mums will just adore, plus who doesn’t love to support local in our current ‘rona affected economic climate.

  • NavyBaby has a great selection of heuristic play items that come in a neat little gift bag. My pick for a new Mum would have to be “Baby’s first set” that includes 5 or 10 items for open ended play that promote learning and discovery.

  • Roar Coffee. For the coffee loving Mum, a bag of freshly roasted beans from the heart of Southland may be just the thing to perk her up after a rough night’s sleep. Make sure you ask for it to be pre-ground before sending out if she doesn’t have her own grinder.

  • Love from 17 customisable welcome plaque, birth announcement card, or Hello my name is… plaque are all great options. Super cute Invercargill business… just hard to choose which one!

  • Haakaa pump or ladybug, with some breastmilk storage bags. Now this isn’t technically local to Southland, but it is a NZ company so I let it slip in to my top 5 list as these products are sooo handy while establishing breastfeeding in those early weeks and months. The breastpump is popular worldwide and works silently with suction to collect breastmilk, and the ladybug is used on the other side while feeding to catch the letdown that would otherwise go to waste in a breastpad. Collect all that goodness and freeze for use later during a growth spurt or relief feed at night.

  • And last but not least:

A Peacey Sleep voucher for a Newborn Consultation

The best gift of all to a tired family would have to be the gift of sleep. We all know the newborn months can be incredibly disruptive on the parents sleep. We also know that most newborns are neurologically unable to consolidate their night sleep at this age and that night wakes for at least the first few months are part of the gig new parents signed up for.

What can a newborn consultation help with?

  1. Adjusting sleep environment for more restorative sleeps.

  2. Establishing healthy sleep habits and setting up for an easy transition to self-settling months down the track.

  3. Education on age appropriate awake lengths and nap lengths, as things change so quickly through those first 12 weeks.

  4. Settling demonstrations and easy to remember settling tricks for those hard to settle newborns. Hands on teaching and feedback given on the parent’s technique with ways to improve so that it’s easier to get bub to sleep.

My Newborn Flexi package would make a wonderful baby shower gift and comes with

  • a Newborn Guide and easy-to-read checklist of ideas for those tired eyes to work through when sleep just won’t come,

  • a personalised sleep assessment completely unique to each family, and

  • an in-home visit from me for 1 hour to teach, encourage, and coach in person,

  • plus a phone call of up to 20 minutes in the week following the home consultation to continue answering questions and help make adjustments to improve the little ones sleep habits.

If this is your pick for a new Mum in your life, get in touch using my contact form and I can get a gift voucher sent out to you.

Happy shopping!

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