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🌙✨ Discover the Path to Peaceful Motherhood ✨🌙 with Charli McLachlan

Hey there, amazing mums! Recently the Peacey Sleep Club mamas had a truly special resource shared with them. Our recent guest speaker, Charli McLachlan, brought an incredible wealth of wisdom and expertise on how to navigate the whirlwind of new motherhood while preserving your emotional strength and preventing burnout.

In our enlightening 20-minute conversation, Charli delved into the heart of the matter – the overwhelming journey of becoming a new mum and how to embrace it with self-regulation tools. Here's a sneak peek of the invaluable insights she shared:

🎵 Music: The power of music can soothe your soul and bring peace to your body during those challenging moments.

🌿 Grounding: Get grounded by connecting with the earth beneath your bare feet. Find stability and balance even when everything feels a bit topsy-turvy.

🌬️ Breathwork: Learn to harness the magic of your breath to calm your mind.

☀️ Sunlight: Discover the invigorating effects of sunlight and how it can rejuvenate you.

🌸 Smells: Explore the world of aromatherapy and how certain scents can work wonders in promoting relaxation.

But that's not all! Charli also emphasized the importance of honoring your own need for nourishing sleep. After all, a well-rested mama is a resilient mama. So, she shared tips on setting up the ideal sleep environment for yourself, ensuring that you're ready to take on each day with renewed energy.

Ready to dive deeper into Charli's expertise? Join the Peacey Sleep Club now and you will have access to this amazing Zoom call with Charli and all past resources. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook for ongoing guidance and inspiration: @emotionalstrength_traumacoach.

If you're looking to explore her wisdom even further, be sure to visit her website: Charli McLachlan.

Our PSC members are excited to incorporate Charli's insights into their journey of motherhood and hope you are too. Remember, you've got this, and we're here to support you every step of the way in the Peacey Sleep Club. 🌟

Stay tuned for more incredible guest speakers and valuable resources to help you and your little ones sleep soundly. 💤

💜 Laura Peacey

Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

and Membership Owner of the Peacey Sleep Club.

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