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Helping Parents Thrive

Let’s say goodbye to stressful bedtimes and hello to peaceful evenings and happier, more energised days. As your sleep consultant, I’m here to offer personalised guidance, provide demonstrations and give caring counsel.

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My best sleep tips are ready for you!

Let’s put sleeping problems to bed

Difficult naps and stressful bedtimes plus a lack of sleep compound quickly.

They lead to awesome mums questioning if they’re cut out for this parenting thing – and feeling guilt and distress.

Sound familiar? Rest assured, these are very common feelings. But the fact you’re researching how to help your baby sleep better shows you’re a caring, loving mama (or partner, family member, or friend of one!).

So let’s get you some peace of mind. No matter the sleep challenge you face, together we can absolutely overcome it.

Some of the sleep challenges I help with

Early morning wakes

Short & restless napping

Fussy evening behaviour

Sleep regressions

Sleep arrangement transitions

Teaching baby to


Frequent overnight wakes

Helping children

stay in bed

Meet your sleep coach

Empathetic and insightful, Laura Peacey is the
face behind Peacey sleep.

Laura’s journey began on the other side of coaching -
as a tired, stressed mother of a sleepless newborn...


Sleep packages

Newborn Home visit

Navigate the 4th trimester with confidence. Feel empowered to help your newborn sleep.

Phone Consult

Create a plan easily from anywhere that helps you and your baby reach your sleep goals!

Custom Home consult

Let me walk you through everything you need on day 1 of improving sleep. 

Community: The Peacey Sleep Club

Want to be supported through all the sleep milestones?

Join us in the Peacey Sleep Club to receive the right info at just the right time, ongoing sleep support, monthly opportunity to have your questions answered, and ditch the overwhelm.

Super affordable option to prepare well for healthy sleep habits



Laura was fantastic! With her support, our little one went from being rocked to sleep and catnapping to settling herself in her cot and sleeping for extended periods. Laura offered such good advice to help us problem solve issues specific to our situation. Her follow up support helped us transform our little ones sleep!

— Charlotte 

Mum to 13 week old

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Laura was so easy to work with. I threw so much information at her about Oscar's life and she translated it all into a simple but thorough sleep plan for us! She supported us with encouragement and clear suggestions along the way and we definitely saw an improvement in Oscar's sleep.

— Jana —

Mum to 3 year old

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Ready to take a step toward better bedtimes?

Book a free 15-minute enquiry call, we’ll discuss what guidance and support you may need.

Join the Peacey Sleep Club for super affordable ongoing sleep support!

Prefer to work one-on-one with me to get to the bottom of your sleep issues faster? 

Download my free guide to learn how to transfer your sleeping baby to their cot

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